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10 best places to fly a drone in the USA

1. Cape May, NJ

You can pay a visit to Cape May and check out the wreck of the SS Atlantus. It is located just off the coast’s Cape May Point. The wreck of a world war 1 concrete ship can be a great subject for some drone videography and photography.

2. Staten Island, NY

New York City can be a challenging place to fly your drone. Not only is the legal aspect quite challenging, but the city is full of people who can get annoyed if you film them from above or if your drone malfunctions and falls on them. Luckily, there is one place in Staten Island where you can fly your drone without worries. It is the Arthur Kill Ship Graveyard. You just have to be careful about Linden Airport, which is quite close to the Arthur Kill Graveyard.

3. Purgatory Falls, VT

Vermont can be a beautiful place for drone filming. One place, known as the Purgatory Falls, is worth driving up to Vermont. You can get water and greenery at this nature lover’s location.

4. Mount Monadnock, NH

If you don’t mind hiking for a couple of hours, then the 3800-feet peak on top of Mount Monadnock is a breathtaking place to fly your drone. Located in the state of New Hampshire, this nature landmark is easily accessible from the Boston area.

5. Point Judith, RI

Rhode Island is a pretty scenic location with a lovely coastline. The lighthouses on the coasts simply add to the charm of shooting videos and photos there. One location, called Point Judith, is an excellent place to catch the morning sunrise over the bay. It is legal to fly your drone at Point Judith.

6. Bailey Island, ME

Maine is home to the Bailey Island, which has walking trails, beaches, and charming coastal inns. Bailey Island is a great place to fly your drone and capture the seaside vibe. You can get fantastic views of the amazing harbor or capture the rugged shore full of rocks.

7. Lock 12, Farmington Canal, CT

Lock 12 is one of the few remaining gates of the famous Farmington Canal. This canal connects New Haven to Northampton in Massachusetts. There are plenty of spots along this recreational trail where you can fly your drone.

8. Walden Pond, MA

Walden Pond is a calm and tranquil water body which makes for an excellent drone flying location. The only thing you have to be careful about is the Hanscom Field which is less than 3 miles away. Inform the ATC there before you fly your drone.

9. Cherokee Reservoir, TN

Tennessee is home to the Cherokee Reservoir. It has plenty of water. So, if you like flying your drone over water bodies, then the reservoir is one excellent place for just that. You will probably want to be a bit careful about flying over the Cherokee Dam though. Plenty of open space otherwise to let your drone move around.

10. Foamhenge, VA

Virginia has one very unique artistic structure called the Foamhenge. As you may have guessed, this work of art is a replica of the original Stonehenge in the UK. It is a unique place to fly your drone and take some videos too. We hear that the artist who made the Foamhenge has been asked to move his creation as the area where it stands is going to become a state park. So, double-check before you head there.